Drug & Alcohol Experimentation or Abuse

The most effective first step in helping adolescents begin a drug-free life is to remove them from the environment that gives them access to these substances. Each of our programs includes a controlled environment where teens no longer have access to drugs and alcohol. Not only do we address the dangers of drug use, we also look for underlying emotional and psychological problems that led to drug use in the first place and help teens to recognize the reasons they use. When teens understand the reasons they use they are better equipped to deal with those issues and develop a commitment to alternative choices in the future. Improved self-esteem, the development of a new life perspective and purpose, and an increased sense of identity (all natural results of program participation) also help to deter teens from returning to drug use after graduating from the program. Some of our programs offer drug abuse counseling and/or have access to 12-step AA or NA meetings.

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