Failing or Declining Grades

Many of the teenagers we work with are very intelligent, but perform well below their potential academically. Some teens do not respond well to the traditional lecture-style teaching environment, or have difficulty staying on task. Others may be brilliant but have no motivation to study and do homework, either because they feel school is unimportant or because their behavior has stripped them of their desire to better themselves. Because some of our students have failed one or more classes, or even an entire grade, they require the opportunity to complete coursework at an accelerated pace.

Each of these scenarios can be effectively managed through our specialized academic program. We are able to hold teens more accountable for their academic performance by making their privileges outside of school reflect the work and effort they exert scholastically. The learning process is also more engaging. Students learn through a variety of methods. All coursework is competency-based, which means that students do not advance in the curriculum until they demonstrate content mastery. Since our students don’t want to work on the same thing over and over, they are motivated to learn the material the first time. With smaller class sizes and teacher assistance available on demand, students receive the attention they need to succeed.

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