Lack of Motivation

Like other problem behaviors, low motivation typically develops over time and is not a persistent personality trait. Young children are full of energy and are excited about life and exploring the world. However, sometimes this enthusiasm for life begins to wane at the onset of adolescence or even before. Low motivation in adolescence is the cumulative result of a natural desire to follow the course of least resistance combined with a general lack of purpose, achievement, and direction in life. This can be overcome by reminding teens what it’s like to feel alive again. We strive to stimulate teens desire to make more of their lives by exposing them to dramatic examples of others who know how to LIVE. This helps teens to distinguish between simply surviving and actually living life to its fullest. We also create experiences for teens that remind them of their own personal greatness and re-awaken their dormant desire to achieve and excel. In an environment that is supportive of achievement and unyielding to teens’ desire to shift blame for their actions on others, we can push teens to discover what they are capable of. With an increased awareness of their abilities and a more firm sense of identity, teens are more likely to develop vision for their future.

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