Sexually Promiscuous Behavior

Sexually promiscuity may be the result of several factors. First, teens may have observed poor role models for relationships where they learned that inappropriate dress or actions are acceptable. In addition, teens are inundated with multiple sources of media that promote promiscuous dress, behavior, and attitudes as normal. Teens who have been molested may develop an early preoccupation with sex and will also often develop a distorted perspective of sexuality in general. Perceived rejection by a parent of the opposite sex or feelings or low self-worth may also lead teens to conclude that the only way to get the attention of the opposite sex is to use their body. While participating in any of our programs, teens are required to observe a higher standard with respect to sexuality. All students wear modest uniforms and are not allowed to alter their clothing. Inappropriate sexual talk is met with a consequence. More importantly, as students begin to respect themselves again, they also gain the capacity to require respect from others. Many of the schools also offer workshops that address dating, sex, and relationships.

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